Visual Magnetics at Design Miami/ with Coral Morphologic

Visual Magnetics at Design Miami/ with Coral Morphologic

Occuring alongside the Art Basel festival, Design Miami/  is one of the world's premiere design events for curators, collectors, artists, gallerists, designers and critics. Coral Morphologic's Design Miami/ Design Curio concept, 'Coral Therapy,' was a 360-degree virtual reality film experienced via the Oculus Rift headset that transported viewers to a cosmic coral universe filled with fluorescent sea anemones.

To create an immersive feeling in the gallery, Coral Morphologic collaborated with Visual Magnetics. Using our magnetic receptive print media, graphics of the man-o-war and brain coral were overlayed with InvisiLock® mounted zoanthid soft coral prints, bringing the space to life and elevating the Coral Therapy experience. It was one of the most exciting uses of our Dynamic Spaces concept that we've seen yet. 

We were so honored to be part of this captivating project - one of the highlights of Design Miami/ as noted by Miami New Times, the Miami Herald and Art Net


Photos by George Christopher Echevarria of Flying Pyramids

About Visual Magnetics
Visual Magnetics has been transforming walls and surfaces since CEO Joe Deetz invented magnetic paint in 1992. In 2007, the company introduced MagnaMedia®, the world's first magnetic-receptive print media. MagnaMedia is a component of the award winning Visual Magnetics Graphic System®, which is used by over 300 leading retailers as an elegant and cost-effective solution for in-store graphics. Visual Magnetics' materials can be used in a multitude of different environments such as offices, museums and homes to create truly Dynamic Spaces® combining functionality and high design. With over 17 unique finishing options such as fabrics, veneers and dry-erase, all MagnaMedia is made in the USA and is PVC-free, with an entire line dedicated to 100% post-consumer and natural, sustainable bases.

About Coral Morphologic 
Coral Morphologic is a Miami-based art-science endeavor founded by Colin Foord and Jared McKay in 2007. Together they present coral reef organisms as archetypal life-forms via film, photography, site-specific installations, and multimedia artworks. Technological advances in the new millennium have enabled Coral Morphologic to explore a new frontier in the aesthetic interpretation of nature. In doing so, they have discovered corals to be the living embodiment of science and art converged. The combination of vibrant colors, fluid movement, geometric tessellation, and limestone architecture establish corals as the irrefutable icons of 21st century Miami.

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